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Afrasia Working Papers
67¡¥ Does Power Sharing Approach Work for Peacebuilding? - Lessons Learnt from Bosnia for Afrasia - (Misa Shojiya) 2010  
66¡¥ Democratization in a Divided Society - Outcomes and Issues in International Assistance - (Misa Shojiya) 2010  
65¡¥ Structural Violence and Human Security (Kosuke Shimizu) 2010  
64¡¥ Educational Policy in 21st Century Japan: Neoliberalism and Beyond? (William Bradley) 2010  
63¡¥ Institution and Ideal in Indian Nationalist Thoughts: G. K. Gokhale in Comparison with M. K. Gandhi (Tomoaki Ueda) 2009  
62¡¥ Harmonizing Local with Global Justice: Emergence of a Hybrid Institutional Mechanism for Reconciliation in East Timor (Kyoko Cross) 2009  
61¡¥ The Reconstitution of Adat in a Dual Level Land Conflict: A case study of a village community under forest development projects in Sumatra, Indonesia (MASUDA Kazuya) 2009  
60¡¥ Discontinuity of International Law with the ‘National Reconciliation’ Process - An analysis of the transitional ‘amnesty’ mechanism of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa - (Ryosuke Sato) 2009  
59¡¥ Determinants of South African Outward Direct Investment in Africa (Akio Nishiura) 2009  
58¡¥ Japanese Foreign Assistance to Africa: Aid and Trade (Kazue Demachi) 2009  
57¡¥ Changes in Income among Peasants in Northeast Thailand: Poverty Reduction Seen Through a Panel Anlysis (Kazuo Funahashi) 2009  
56¡¥ The Impact of UN Peace-building Efforts on the Justice System of Timor-Leste: Western versus Traditional Cultures (Katsumi Ishizuka) 2009  
55¡¥ Conflict and Land Tenure in Rwanda (Shi'nichi Takeuchi) 2009  
54¡¥ The Current Issues and Development Process of Poverty in China (Fuping LI) 2009  
53¡¥ Illegal Logging in Southeast Asia (Shinji Suzuki) 2009  
51¡¥ A Nation at Risk, A nation in Need of Dialogue: Citizenship, Denizenship, and Beyond in Japanese Education (David Blake Willis) 2009  
50¡¥ Socioeconomic Factor Structure of Japanese Emigrant Communities: Statistical Case Study at Inugami County, Shiga Prefecture, in Meiji Era (Yoshio Kawamura) 2009  
49¡¥ Framework on Socio-economic Mechanism of Emigration in the Pre-war Japan (Yoshio Kawamura) 2009  
48¡¥ The Narrative Strategies and Multilayered Realities of Returnee Workers: A Case Study of Thai Returnee Workers from Japan (Tomoko Matsui) 2009  
46¡¥ An Iriai Interchange Linking Japan and Indonesia: An Experiment in Interactive Learning and Action Leading toward Community-Based Forest Management (Motoko Shimagami) 2009  
45¡¥ Increasing Migration and Diversity in Japan: The Need for Dialogue and Collaboration in Education, Language and Identity Policies (Julian Chapple) 2009  
44¡¥ Nishida Kitaro and Japan's Interwar Foreign Policy: War Involvement and Culturalist Political Discourse (Kosuke Shimizu) 2009  
42¡¥ Why Do People “Renounce War”? The War Experiences of the Daasanach in the Conflict-ridden Area of Northeast Africa (Toru Sagawa) 2009  
41¡¥ Personal Rule in Nigeria (Takehiko Ochiai) 2009  
40¡¥ The New 'Three Rs' of Education in Japan: Rights, Risk, and Responsibility (Robert Aspinall) 2009  
39¡¥ Decline of the Tokyo Technocrats in Educational Policy Formation? Exploring the loss of Ministry autonomy and recent policy trends with reference to 'globalisation' and educational transfer (Jeremy Rappleye) 2009  
37¡¥ Migration and Mosques: The Evolution and Transformation of Muslim Communities in Manila, the Philippines (Akiko Watanabe) 2008  
36¡¥ The Increasing Enclosure of Mangrove Wetlands: Towards Resource Management in Frontier Areas (Shinji Suzuki) 2008  
35¡¥ Multiplicity of Community Forestry as Knowledge Space in the Northern Thai Highlands (Anan Ganjanapan) 2008  
32¡¥ Useful or Useless Relics: Today's Strange Monarchies (Benedict Anderson [with Japanese translation by Tsuyoshi Kato]) 2007 
31¡¥ The “Invention of Tradition” in Java under the Japanese Occupation: The Tonarigumi System and Gotong Royong (Kazuo Kobayashi) 2007  
30¡¥ “Iriai Forests Have Sustained the Livelihood and Autonomy of Villagers”:Experience of Commons in Ishimushiro Hamlet in Northeastern Japan (Kokki Goto (Edited, Annotated, and with an Introduction by Motoko Shimagami)) 2007  
29¡¥ Land Ownership for the Preservation of Environment and Livelihood (Hiroyuki Torigoe) 2007  
28¡¥ Reconciliation, Restitution and Healing: The Role of Vietnam Veterans in Facilitating a New Era in U.S.-Vietnam Relations, 1985-2005 (Michael Furmanovsky) 2007  
27¡¥ Forced Removals, Land Struggles and Restoration of Land in South Africa: A Case of Roosboom (Chizuko Sato) 2007  
26¡¥ The Social Process of Migration from the Eastern Visayas to Manila (Naomi Hosoda) 2007  
25¡¥ The Hegemony of Tabloid Geopolitics: How America and the West Cannot Think International Relations beyond Conflict, Identity, and Cultural Imposition (Francois Debrix) 2007  
24¡¥ Human Security, Universality, and National Interest: A Critical Inquiry (Kosuke Shimizu) 2007  
23¡¥ Asian Regionalism and Japan’s Unforgettable Past (Kosuke Shimizu) 2007  
22¡¥ The Place of the United States in the Triangle of Japan, China and India (Takashi Inoguchi) 2007  
21¡¥ Participatory Community Development and a Role of Social Statistical Analysis: Case of the JICA-Indonesia Project-Takalar Model (Yoshio Kawamura) 2007  
20¡¥ Leader-Follower Relations in the Foot Marches in Gandhian Environmental Movement in India (Shinya Ishizaka) 2007  
19¡¥ Not the Most Popular Decision: Japan’s Ground Self Defense Force Goes to Iraq (Kazuo Takahashi) 2007  
18¡¥ International Energy Regime: Role of Knowledge and Energy and Climate Change Issues (Kenichi Matsui) 2007  
17¡¥ Macroeconomic Impacts of Terrorism: Evidence from Indonesia in the Post-Suharto Era (Tomoya Suzuki) 2006 
16¡¥ The Middle East, the Middle Kingdom and Japan (Kazuo Takahashi) 2006  
15¡¥ An Overview of the Debate on the African State (Masahisa Kawabata) 2006  
14¡¥ Regional Security in Africa (Takehiko Ochiai) 2006  
13¡¥ Asia and the Rise of the Early Modern World Economy (Om Prakash) 2006 
12¡¥ The United States and the United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC) (Takuya Misu) 2006  
11¡¥ The Composition and Job Structure of Female-Headed Households: A Case Study of a Rural Village in Siemreap Province, Cambodia (Nao Sato) 2006  
10¡¥ Discourses of Leadership and Japanese Political Economy: Three Phallus-centrists (Kosuke Shimizu) 2006  
9¡¥ East Asia, Middle East and the World Economy: Further Notes on the Oil Triangle (Kaoru Sugihara) 2006  
8¡¥ The Kurdish Situation in Iraq (Kazuo Takahashi) 2006  
7¡¥ Ethnicity and the State in Africa (Eghosa E. Osaghae) 2006  
6¡¥ Regional Governance and State Reconstruction in Africa (Daniel C. Bach) 2006  
5¡¥ Political Liberalization or Armed Conflicts? Political Changes in Post-Cold War Africa (Shin’ichi Takeuchi) 2006  
4¡¥ WTO/FTA and the Issues of Regional Disparity (Yoshio KAWAMURA and Zhan JIN) 2006  
3¡¥ Satyagraha as a Non-violent Means of Conflict Resolution (Nobuko Nagasaki) 2006 
2¡¥ Sustainable Management of Tank Irrigation Systems in South India (K. Palanisami) 2005  
1¡¥ Future of the Dairy Industries in China, Japan and the United States: Conflict Resolution in the Doha Round of WTO Agricultural Trade Negotiations (James R.. Simpson) 2005