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     Ryukoku University's Academic Frontier Centre (AFC) five year research project "In Search of Societal Mechanisms and Institutions for Conflict Resolution: Perspectives of Asian and African Studies and Beyond" concluded at the end of March 2010. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the research members of the project who carried out their research with such enthusiasm and dedication. To all those who participated in the activities of the Centre, I thank you and hope that your participation proved to be stimulating and meaningful. The untiring efforts of our young research assistance staff along with the extremely generous support of our office staff was also essential in making the project so productive. The project resulted in a large volume of research papers that point the way to a comprehensive approach to Conflict and Conflict Resolution. Most of these papers are available through this homepage.

Our aim was to try to better understand conflict from a new perspective, that is, from an Asian and African perspective. To do this, we took an interdisciplinary approach and focused on the four following themes:
1: An Agent or a Barrier? The Role of the Nation in Conflict Resolution
2: International Political Economy and Conflict Resolution
3: Is Culture the Answer? The Role of Networks and Culture in Conflict Resolution
4: Poverty and Regional Development in the Process of Conflict Resolution

Our approach attempted to include all stakeholders in conflict situations. We found that participation by all stakeholders not only clarifies problems from a number of different aspects, but also provides a basis for a stronger and sustainable resolution to the conflict.

In 2010, the Afrasian Centre will continue to operate and hold research meetings, but we are taking a sabbatical from large scale events so that we can plan the next stage of our research which will focus on conflict resolution. We look forward to your continued support and hope to resume full research activities in a year's time.

Pauline Kent
Afrasian Centre for Peace and Development Studies