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Research Group 2
09.07.14 African Natural Resources and Resource Curse in the Global Economy
Ms. Kazue Demachi (Afrasian Centre for Peace and Development Studies, Ryukoku University)
09.07.14 Rethinking Leader-Follower Relations in the Social Movement in India: An Analysis of Foot Marches in Gandhian Environmental Movements
Dr. Shinya Ishizaka (Afrasian Centre for Peace and Development Studies, Ryukoku University)
09.07.13 Modeling the Impacts of Income Uncertainty on the Suicidal Decision
Assoc. Prof. Tomoya Suzuki (Faculty of Economics, Kansai University)
09.05.01 Economic Globalization and Environment, Resources and Poverty
Prof. Hisashi Nakamura (Ryukoku University)
08.07.16 Community Food Access Assessment: Lessons from a Case Study in Lexington, Kentucky
Prof. Keiko Tanaka
08.07.12 Environmental Problems and the Carbon Emission Trading Market: On Financial Globalisation
Dr. Hisashi Nakamura
08.06.29 【The International Seminar, Group II 】The Impact of Globalizing Economy on Local Resources Management and Community Development for Conflict Resolution
Prof. Louise Fortmann, University of California at Berkeley, Prof. Atsushi Kitahara, Ryukoku University, Prof. Raymond Jussaume, Jr., Washington State University
08.05.31 【SGSD】Development from home life improvement group to rural women's entrepreneur
Kumi Sawano (Graduate School of Agriculture, Meiji University),                    Dr.Tomoko Ichida (Department of Agriculture, Meiji University)
08.05.17 "Can Development Occur in a Protracted Political and Security Crisis: The Case of Southern Somalia"
Dr. Peter Little, Professor, Department of Anthropology, Emory University, and visiting Professor to the Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University
08.04.26 An Analysis on Japanese Brazilian “Repeat Migrants” in Japan
Mr. Daisuke Yamanaka
08.03.29 Land Dispute at the “Illegally” Occupied Estate in Indonesia: A Case of Pagilaran Ltd. Estate in Central Java
Mr. Junya Himoto (The University of Tokyo)
08.02.09 【SGSD】Politics of ‘Sublimation': The Gandhian Environmental Movement in Contemporary India
Shinya Ishizaka(Afrasian Centre for Peace and Development Studies)
08.02.09 【SGSD】AGRICULTURE IN INDONESIAN ECONOMY: Policy Impact Issues and Future Work for Poverty Reduction
Muhammad Arsyad(The Graduate School of Economics, Ryukoku University)
08.02.02 Can the Clean Development Mechanism really contribute to achieving sustainable development in host countries?
Tae-Yeoun Lee (Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Ryukoku University)
08.02.02 A Study on the Tradable Permits System of Water Pollutants in China: The Case Study of Shanghai
Akihiro Chiashi (Ritsumeikan University)
07.07.28 【SGSD】Microfinance and Rural Community in Vietnam
Mr. Takashi Okae
07.07.28 【SGSD】Function of Territorial Structure: In Case of the War in Okinawa and the Postwar Transaction
Mr. Kazuhiro Tanaka
07.06.24 Before the Labor-Intensive Industrialization: Agriculture which bridges early modern and modern.
Koji Tanaka (Center for Integrated Area Studies, Kyoto University)
07.06.24 The Humanosphere-driven Path of Development and Private Property Rights: A Methodological Note
Kaoru Sugihara (Center for Southeast Asian Studies kyoto University)
07.06.24 Development and conflict over the use of water: Focus on South India
Hisashi Nakamura(Ryukoku University)
07.06.21 【2nd International Seminar】‘Food Security’ for Whom?: Consumers and Citizens in the Global Food System
Prof. Keiko Tanaka
07.06.21 【2nd International Seminar】Framing Food Security: Hunger, Community, Risk and Terror
Prof. Patrick Mooney
07.06.21 【2nd International Seminar】Working the WTO’s Green Box: Opportunities for Endogenous Rural Development
Prof. Larry Burmeister
07.05.26 【SGSD】The Narrative Strategies and the Multiple Realities of Returnness: A Case Study of Thai Returnees from Japan
Tomoko Matsui (Tokyo University)
07.04.14 【1st International Seminar】Standards: Building Block or Impediment to Development?
Prof. Lawrence Busch
07.02.03 【SGSD】Another Success Story: Social Context of Migration and Success in Samar, Philippines
Naomi Hosoda(Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University)
06.05.27 【SGSD】Current-State and Problems of ”School Lunch from Local Farm Activity” in Japan
Dr.Yosinobu Misuda(Morioka Junior College, Iwate Prefectural University department of International Cultural studies)
06.05.27 Are Female-Headed Households Poor? -A case study of Rural Village in Cambodia-
Nao Sato( Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University)
06.03.25 【SGSD】The Formation of Gender in the “New-Women‘s” Philosophy of “Love Marriage”― Focusing on Discourses of Debates from 1910's to 1920's ―
Momone Kuwabara(The graduate school of sociology Ryukoku University)
06.03.25 【SGSD】A New Social Movement in a Non-Post-Industrial Society in India: On the Role of Gandhism in the Anti Tehri Dam Movement
Shinya Ishizaka(Kyoto University)
05.10.22 Geographies of Race and Class: The Place and Placelessness of Migrant Filipina Domestic Workers
Rhacel Salazar Parrenas Associate Professor University of California, Davis
05.07.21 Tank Irrigation in South India-A Neglected Opportunity?
Kuppannan Palanisami Tamil Nadu Agricultural University