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Research Group 3
09.08.02 Trajectories of International Labour Migration in Southeast Asia: From Private Initiatives to Economic Partnership Agreements
Aysun Uyar (PD, Afrasian Centre), Ma. Reinaruth D. Carlos (Assoc. Ryukoku University), Kimiyo Yamakawa (RA, Afrasian Centre)
09.06.25 Changing Higher Education in Japan: Ideologies of Reform, Improvement, and Standards
Robert Aspinall (Prof. Shiga University), Mayumi Ishikawa (Assoc. Osaka University), Greg Poole (Prof. Tama University), William Bradley (Prof. Ryukoku University)
09.02.01 Intercultural Communication Issues in Employing Filipino Carers in Japan Conducted
Yuichi Kuwata (Carry Up Inc.), Sachi Takahata (Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin Univ), Hisako Nakai (Osaka Univ. of Human Sciences), Yumiko Goto (Hagoromo Univ. of International Studies), Ma. Reinaruth D. Carlos (Ryukoku Univ)
08.06.05 Multiculturalism vs. Nationalism: Accommodating Diversity into Japan's Education System
Julian Chapple (Lecturer, Faculty of Intercultural Communication, Ryukoku University)
08.06.05 Globalization as Standardization: Insulating a Core of Identity
William Bradley (Professor, Faculty of Intercultural Communication, Ryukoku University)
08.06.05 A Nation at Risk, A Nation in Need of Dialogue: Citizenship, Denizenship, and Beyond in Japanese Education
David Blake Willis (Professor of Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities, Soai University)
08.06.05 The Decline of the Technocrats in Japanese Educational Policy?: Exploring the Loss of Ministry Autonomy and its Implications for Recent Policy Trends
Jeremy Rappleye (Researcher, Oxford University and Tokyo University)
08.06.05 The New ‘Three Rs’ of Education in Japan: Risk, Responsibility and Rights
Robert Aspinall (Professor, Faculty of Economics, Shiga University)
08.05.28 The Response of the International Community to Timor-Leste
Dr. Katsumi ISHIZUKA (Associate Professor, Department of International Business Manegement, Kyoei University)
08.05.28 The Narrative Strategies and the Realities of Returnees: From Oral Life History of Thai Migrants
Tomoko MATSUI (Research Assistant, Afrasian Centre for Peace and Development Studies, Ryukoku University)
07.05.26 Filipino Nurses and Caregivers in Japan: Bilateral Issues and Concerns
Dr. Maria Rosario Piquero-Ballescas(Professor, Social Sciences Division, University of the Philippines, Cebu College; Visiting researcher, Global Migration Project, University of Tsukuba)
07.05.26 Ageing and Transnational Householding: Japanese Retirees in Southeast Asia
Dr. Mika Toyota (Senior Research Fellow, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore)
07.02.15 Home Beyond Home: The World of Filipinos in Japan
Maria Rosario Piquero-Ballescas (Professor, Social Sciences Division, University of the Philippines, Visayas and Visiting Researcher, Japan Institute for Labor and Policy Training)
07.02.15 Necessary But Not Sufficient: Overseas Absentee Voting in the Philippines
Dr. Jorge Tigno (Associate Professor, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of the Philippines Diliman and Visiting Researcher, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University)
07.02.15 Why Do Migrants Remit? An Empirical Study of the Motives of International Remittances in the Philippines
Dr. Maria Reinaruth D. Carlos (Department of Intercultural Communications, Ryukoku University)
06.12.21 【2006 Afrasia Symposium No.2】 Changing Identity and Network among Overseas Chinese
LIAO Chi yang, Professor, Musasino Art University. MASUTANI Satoshi, Associate Professor, Rikyo University
06.10.06 【2006 Afrasia Symposium No.1】 Challenges of Changing Identity in Japan
Harumi Befu, Emeritus Professor, Stanford University, Bruce White, Lecturer, Doshisha University, and Julian Chapple, Lecturer, Ryukoku University
06.06.02 Camps and Networks in the Post-War Conflict in the Japanese Education System
Prof. Robert W. Aspinall (Faculty of Economics, Shiga University)
06.06.02 Risk and Exclusion: Utilizing Networks in Conflict Management
Prof. William Bradley (Faculty of Intercultural Communication, Ryukoku University)
06.02.07 Violence and Reconciliation in Post-Conflict East Timor: A Case of Human Rights Movement on Forced Marriage under the Turmoil in 1999
Mr. Shintaro Fukutake
06.02.07 Normalization and the Management of Violence in Japan's Armed Forces
Eyal Ben=Ari (Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Visiting Foreign Fellow in 2005 at the Institute of Research in Humanities, Kyoto University)
05.11.06 SYMPOSIUM The Filipino Residents in Japan as Potential Care Workers: Realities and Challenges
Ms. Yukako Ueno, Mr. Junta Shinozawa, Mr. Takaharu Hayashi, Ms. Maria Fe Harada, Ms. Anabelle Majima, and Mr. Wako Asato