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Research Group 4
09.04.18 African Economic History in the World History
Professor Gareth Austin (London School of Economics and Political Science), Professor Katsuhiko Kitagawa (Kansai University)
08.10.04 Community conflicts in Nigeria's oil producing area: Antagonism among community people over resources
Katsuya Mochizuki
08.10.04 Reintegration and Reconciliation in Post-conflict Sierra Leone: From the historical perspective of civil society initiatives
Yasuyo Sawa
08.07.19 Forest Policy in Modern Thailand: A Case of Teak Forestry
Atsushi Kitahara
08.07.19 Poverty Reduction Policies and Poverty Structures in Mainland China: Clarification of the Problems and Prospects of the Study
Fuping LI (Department of Sociology, Ryukoku University)
08.06.07 Land Conflict and Reconstitution of Adat in Forest Area, Indonesia
Kazuya Masuda, Kyoto University
08.04.26 Land Dispute and Muslim Minority in the Urban Philippines
Akiko Watanabe (Research Assistant, Afrasian Center; Ph.D. Candidate, Kyoto University)
07.12.07 Enmity and Amicability among Pastoralists of East Africa
Toru Sagawa, Kyoto University
07.12.07 Economic Structure of Don Daeng Village, Northeast Thailand: Based on Argument between Moral Economy and Political Economy
Kazuo Funahashi, Ryukoku University
07.10.20 Warrior Community, Business and Land Conflict: The Phenotype of the Commons in Papua New Guinea Highlands
Mitsuki Shiota, The Institute of Developing Economies
07.10.20 Property Rights in Tanzania from “The Village Land Act, 1999”
Hiromi Amemiya, University of Toyama
07.10.11 International Symposium
07.07.13 Livelihood of Immigrants in the Area Bordering Post-Conflict Country: Land Management of the Immigrants under the Custom in Western Zambia
Rumiko Murao, Kyoto University
07.07.13 Community Rights in Japan
Kazuki Kumamoto, Meiji Gakuin University
07.06.23 “Invention of Tradition” in Java under the Japanese Occupation:Tonarigumi System and Gotong Royong
Kazuo Kobayashi, Nihon University
07.06.23 Empowerment, Redistribution and Political Engagement Activities of a Community-based Organization: The Experience of the Gurage Road Construction Organization in Ethiopia
Makoto Nishi, Kyoto University
07.01.26 Land Struggles and Land Restitution in South Africa: A Case of Roosboom
Chizuko Sato, Afrasian Centre for Peace and Development Studies, Ryukoku University
07.01.26 Filipino Migrants and ‘Luck’:Focusing on Socio-cultural Dimesions of Migration
Naomi Hosoda, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University
06.10.21 Enclosed mangrove wetlands: Property right and commons tragedy in Vietnam
Shinji Suzuki, Faculty of Sociology, Ryukoku University
06.10.21 Human Security in Mozambique
Yoichi Mine, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University
06.07.01 Institutional Engineering and the National Question under Military Rule in Nigeria
Takehiko Ochiai, Faculty of Law, Ryukoku University
06.07.01 Two Green Revolutions: An Area Studies Approach to the Study of “Poverty and Conflicts”
Ken’ichi Abe, Center for Integrated Area Studies, Kyoto University
06.05.10 The Imaginary Congo Crisis (1960-1961) and the United Nations
Takuya Misu, Faculty of Business Administration, Sapporo University
06.05.10 Strategy for Subsistence in Female-headed Households – A Case of a Rice-farming Village in Siemreap Province, Cambodia
Nao Sato, Ph.D candidate, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University
06.02.22 The Peace Process in Sri Lanka and the Challenges after the Tsunami Disaster
Prof.Hisashi Nakamura (Ryukoku University)
06.02.22 Post-Conflict Issues in Rural Rwanda
Mr.Shinichi Takeuchi (The Institute of Developing Economies)
06.01.19 Comparison of ‘Bumiputra/Pribumi’ Policies in Malaysia and Indonesia: Affirmative Action as the Means for the Correction of Economic Gaps
Prof. Tsuyoshi Kato (Ryukoku University)
06.01.19 The Reconstruction of Collapsed States and Visions of African States: Beyond Conflicts
Prof. Masahisa Kawabata (Ryukoku University)