Research Activities
【SGSD】Development from home life improvement group to rural women's entrepreneur
9th Meeting (SGSD)
■Speaker :Kumi Sawano (Graduate School of Agriculture, Meiji University),                    Dr.Tomoko Ichida (Department of Agriculture, Meiji University)
■Place :Common Research Room #1, 2nd Floor, Shieikan, Ryukoku University, Fukakusa
■Date :Saturday, May 31, 2008 15:00-17:00
■Number :080531
【Brief Outline of the Presentation】
Ms. Sawano and Dr. Ichida in Meiji University presented four cases of life improvement practice group in rural Japan. They explained five classifications of the rural women’s entrepreneurship based on two indices indicated in early studies; management structures (group or individual oriented) and profitability (low profit or high profit oriented).

They focused on the life improvement practice group that especially belonged to “Group management, community-promoted” that was the early stage of the rural women’s entrepreneurship.

In addition to above, they verified that even the groups in the lowest development stage (group management, community-promoted) have diversity on the terms of management, types of activities, attribute of the participants etc.
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