Research Activities
Multiculturalism vs. Nationalism: Accommodating Diversity into Japan's Education System
2nd Seminar of Group 3, 2008
■Speaker :Julian Chapple (Lecturer, Faculty of Intercultural Communication, Ryukoku University)
■Place :B103-104, Chikou-kan, Seta Campus, Ryukoku University
■Date :14:00-17:00, Thursday, June 5, 2008
■Number :080605
Given the pressure on Japan to either accept greater diversity or face deficits in various industrial sectors, the role of education in the process of acceptance has become the focus of attention. Japan does, in fact, have a history of multicultural education or sorts (with its Korean minority), and lessons taken from this can be useful. However, this presentation argues that the future lies in the full acceptance of profound intercultural education leading to a society capable of tabunka kyosei (living together). It looks at several problems inhibiting acceptance as well as a potential example for the future.