Research Activities
The Palestinian Question and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
3rd Meeting (Group 1)
■Speaker :Mr. Isamu Nakashima (The Middle East Research Institute of Japan)
■Place :Common Research Room, 4th Floor, 8th Building, Ryukoku University, Fukakusa campus
■Date :September 14, 2005
■Number :05010302
Discussant: Prof. Tosei Sano (Ryukoku University)

Mr. Nakashima presented an overview of the recent withdrawal of the Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip, explaining its background and significance. He began by pointing out that the Palestinian question and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are two qualitatively different issues. He then identified a number of defining features of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and suggested several key factors for resolving it.

Prof. Sano, the discussant, complemented Mr. Nakashima’s analysis from a historical perspective and emphasized that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be understood primarily as a collision of two different nationalisms.

During the discussion, a question was raised about the contents of national sovereignty that seemed to be a key concept in understanding and resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Another participant raised the question of what could be a viable logic for the coexistence of Palestine and Israel.
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