Research Activities
Tank Irrigation in South India-A Neglected Opportunity?
1st Meeting (Group 2)
■Speaker :Kuppannan Palanisami Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
■Place :Meeting Room, 2nd Building, Machikaneyama hall, Osaka university, Toyonaka campus
■Date :July 21, 2005
■Number :05020101
Prof. Palanisami presented a historical overview of the development of the tank irrigation system in South India and discussed why it went into decline. He emphasized the advantage and importance of tank irrigation in the present farming system in South India, and examined various strategies for revitalizing it. In South India there are still a large number of peasants who depend on tank irrigation. However, due to the decline of such irrigation systems, many of them have abandoned agricultural production and moved to nearby cities. Prof. Palanisami proposed a viable and low-cost method to improve the tank irrigation system by limiting the removal of the mud accumulated on beds to the years when the tank is operational. He also emphasized the urgent need for government authorities to introduce legal restrictions in order to minimise environmental pollution in the vicinity of tanks.