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Vol.10 (March. 2010)

・The Fifth Afrasian International Synposium
"Conflict Resolution in the Afrasian Context: Examining more Inclusive Approaches"
Keynote Speech
  Ralph Pettman "Is there a ‘Japanese’ approach to conflict resolution?"

・The Commemorative events for the 370th anniversary of foundation of Ryukoku University
The first Symposium on Humanity, Science and Religion
"Aspiring towards Nonviolence and Harmonious Coexistence on Earth"

・Research Activities
Group 1Violence and Conflict in Asia
Group 2Participatory Research for Poverty and Conflict Resolution
Group 3Trajectories of International Labour migration in Southeast Asia
―From Private Initiatives to Economic Partnership Agreements―
Group 4Conflict Resolution in Transitional Period
―Cases from Asia and Africa―

・List of Recent Activities

・List of Publications

Vol. 9 (December. 2009)

・Asahi-University Partners Symposium "Who Cares? Foreign Health Care Workers in Japan"
Keynote Speech
  Chizuko Ueno"Is Japan Really Short of Care Workers?-Globalization and Care"

・Introduction of New Afrasia Members for FY2009

・Afrasia attended the ICAS 6

・Research Activities
Group 1Conflict, Violence and Nonviolence: Developing and Applying a Logical Approach
to Conflict Resolution
Group 2Resolving Conflicts over the Environment, Resources and Poverty in the 21st Century
Group 3Globalization and International Migration
Group 4African Economic History in the Context of World History

・The 3rd PDRA Discussion Meeting

・Interview with the Afrasian Centre Intern

・10 Research Members of the Afrasian Centre are awarded JSPS Research Fund!

・List of Recent Activities

・List of Publications

Vol. 8 (March. 2009)

・International Symposium
  Reconsidering Ruth Benedict: Conflict Resolution, Culture and Sino-Japanese Relations
    Keynote Speech
      Pauline Kent: Behind th Writing of The Chrysanthemum and the Sword

    Panel Discussion 1
      Intercultural Understanding in Wartime
   Panel Discussion 2
     East Asia and Japanese Studies

    Group 1 Meeting
      International Conflicts in Asia
     Group 2 Seminar
      The Impact of Globalizing Economy on Local Resources Management and Community
      Development for Conflict Resolution
     Group 3 Workshop
      Workshop on Intercultural Communication Issues in Employing Filipino Cares in Japan
     Group 4 Meeting
      Conflict and Resolution Regarding Resources

・Joint Seminar (The Fifth Joint Seminar),27 February 2008
  What is 'Conflict'? What is 'Conflict Resolution?'

・List of Publications

・List of Recent Activities

・Forthcoming Event

Vol. 7 (January. 2009)

・The Fourth Afrasian International Symposium

    Keynote Speeches
      Understanding Poverty in Risky Environments: The Case of Pastoralism in Eastern Africa
      (Prof. Little)
      Beyond the "Green Revolutions": Exploring the Links Between Food and Security (Prof. Abe)

    PANEL T: Poverty and Dynamics of Lonflict Management
   Session T
     Local Knowledge of Sustenance and Challenges of Development
    Session U
      Situating Poverty in Conflict Reslolution and Peace-Building

    PANEL U: Rural Community as an Arena of Development and Conflict
     Session V
      Community vs. State: Who Controls Local Resources and for what?
     Session W
      Development Agenda and Indigenous People at the Margins
     Session X
      Reflections on Poverty, Development and Conflict: Why Should We Care about Other People's       Development and in What Way?

    ・Roundtable Discussion

    ・Symposium Group Picture and Excursion Group Picture

    ・A New Era of Relations between Japan and China

    ・Recent Actibities

    ・List of Publications

    ・Ministry gives interim AA rating

    ・Forthcoming Event

Vol. 6 (July. 2008)

・Interview with Professor Pauline Kent, New Director of the Afrasian Centre for
   Peace and Development Studies
・Interview U with Associate Professor Maria Reinaruth D. Carlos, New Secretary
   Generalof the Afrasian Centre
・New Organisation of the Afrasian Centre(Since April 2008)

・International Symposium Special Coverage: Third Afrasian International
    Keynote Adress
      Land and Water Resources under Stress: The Case and Opportunity for
      Post-Modern Agriculture as Suggested by the System of Rice Intensification
   Session 1
     Conflict over Natural Resources in Asia and Africa
    Session 2
      Resource Management in Comparative Historical Perspective
     Session 3
      Water Resources under Stress
     Session 4
      The Impact of New Technology and System on Local (Food) Resources
     Session 5
      The Oil-based Economy under Strain


・At the Closing of the Third Afrasian International Symposium

・The 2nd PD/RA Discussion Meeting

・List of Research Meetings

・List of Publications

・Announcement of the Fourth Afrasian International Symposium

・New Leaflet of the Afrasian Centre

Vol. 5 (March. 2008)

・Accomplishment of the Third Year of the Afrasian Centre
・Forest as a Global Commons
・India and Japan: Exploring the Past, Charting the Future
・The Concept of ‘True Reality’ in Shinran’s Pure Land Buddhism

Group 1 Meeting
Nationalism and Conflict Resolution
Group 2 Meeting
Holding International Seminars in Advance of the International Symposium
Group 3 Meeting
Past Wars and Peace, Non-Japanese Labourers Today and Conflict
Group 4 Meeting
Looking at the Relations among Land, Organisation and People from the Local Level

・Research Report
 ・Joint Seminar 1 (The Third Joint Seminar), 23 June 2007
  A Theoretical Analysis on Conflict Resolution: Prospects
 ・Joint Seminar 2 (The Fourth Joint Seminar), 16 September 2007
  Building the Analytical Framework of Conflict Resolution in the Context of International Ethics

Vol. 4 (November. 2007)

・The 2nd International Symposium
・Afrasia International Symposium
 Changing Identities and Networks in the Globalising World: Negotiation, Conflict Prevention and
 Resolution in Everyday Life
  Panel 1
  Global-Local Connections and Networks in Japanese Educational Settings
  Panel 2
  The Ties That Bind: Social Networks and Remittances of Transnational Migrants in Asia
  Panel 3
  The Role of Cultural Perceptions in Conflict Prevention
  Panel 4
  Identity, Conflict and Diasporic Politics

・Special Event: Work, Love, Child-Rearing
 Keynote Address
 A Future Made by Women and Men: What the Law Can Do to Create a Better Society by Ryoko
 Panel Discussion
 Work, Love, Child-Rearing: A Cultural View of Sexual Disputes and Settlements

・The 1st Discussion Meeting of PD and RA

・Art in Afrasia

Vol. 3 (February. 2007)

・Afrasian Centre Commemorates Inauguration of Chikokan Builiding with Lectures
・“From a Security Paradigm to Peace Paradigm” Prof. Johan Galtung
・“Inquiring into Modern Monarchies”  Prof. Benedict Anderson
・The Activities of Research Group 1
 Violence and Non-Violence
・The Activities of Research Group 2
 The Inauguration of Study Meeting Aiming to Foster Young Researchers
・The Activities of Research Group 3
 The Consept of Networks and Conflicts
・The Activities of Research Group 4
 Discussing Conflicts and Peace in relation to Economic Development
・2006 Afrasia Symposium
 ・Symposium One (October 6, 2006)
  Challenges to Changing Identities in Japan.
  ・Symposium two (December 9, 2006)
  Changing Identity and Network Among Overseas Chinese
・List of Research Meeting

Vol. 2 (June 2006)

・The 1st International Symposium
 First Session
 Peace Process of the Middle East (Palestine-Israel Conflict)

 Second Session
 The International Context of Coflicts in the Middle East (Iran, Kurd, and Pakistan)

 Third Session
 The Oil Issue in the Context of the Middle Eastern Conflicts

 Fourth Session
 Asian Approaches to Conflict Resolution

・Reports on Joint Seminars and an International Seminar in 2005/2006

Vol. 1 (February 2006)

・Prof. Nobuko Nagasaki, Director of the Afrasian Centre for Peace and  Development Studies

 Group 1
 Agent or Barrier? The Role of the Nation in Conflict Resoulution

 Group 2
 Conflicts Over Resources and the Environment

 Group 3
 Conflicts  Perceived Through Network and Local Culture

 Group 4
 Poverty and Regional Development in the Process of Conflict Resoultion